Charities Supported




In the beginning (1945) all proceeds went towards the Port Hospital…zeroed in on the pediatrics ward. We continue to contribute to the annual Memorial String of Lights




Centennial Choir to purchase music

Recreational Children's Band

N-Tec (Mentally Challenged)

Jaws of Life Volunteer Fire Dept

Don Booth (Save our School)

Hi-Steppers Baton-trip to the Nationals
Purchase Piano - Dunnville School

Purchase Music P.C. Chorale Choir

Sisters of Sacred Heart

Junior "C" Swords - to save franchise

Children's Culture and Art Center

Bethel Neighborhood Rec Playground

Victoria Park Playground equipment

Niagara Peninsula Children Rehab Center

John Howard Society Leadership Program

Summer Park concerts – Bandshell

Fresh Air Fund

Special Needs Children (TASC Niagara)

Lynton Davies Air Cadets Anniversary

Comettes Ladies Fastball trip to Eastern Canadian Championships

World Girl Guide Camp (C. Ellsworth)

World Gymnastics (Harry Wells- S.Africa)

Melissa LaPlante Fund (Health)

Operation Raleigh (Paul Fans)

Special Needs mobile chair (B.VanHengstrum)

Victor Goyak (Cancer Patient)

Carrie Pinard Scholarship Fund

Amy Saracino -Audition in Florida

Annual Christmas Needy Family Fund

Annual Fire Dept May 24th Fireworks

Salvation Army Needy Family Fund

Santa's Helpers

Kids Camp

Port Colborne Nautical Museum

Port Colborne Marine Rescue

Christianview Centre

Help a Child Smile

Heart & Stroke (Big Bike)

Port Colborne Public Library

Annual High School Scholarships




Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital - The Society is a “Blue Ribbon” Donor to the Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital. (When Port Hospital closed its pediatrics wing we turned to Sick Children's Hospital) Donation of over $10,000 1993 to 2013.


Annual Port Colborne Festival of the Arts

In 1988 in conjunction with the local music teachers the society donated all operating funds to revive the "Music Festival" competition. For two years the Society picked up all expenses until they could stand alone. To this day we sponsor a day at the Festival ($500) and offer 4  $100 scholarships annually. As of March 31st, 2013 the Society has donated a total of $ 24,759.01 to this Festival that encourages young musical talent. The Society now sponsors one day of the festival and provides four awards - Senior Vocalist, Junior Choir, Choral Speaking and Top Senior Dancer Tap/Jazz.


Senior Vocalist


1988 - Brendon Fletcher

1989 - Brendon Fletcher

1990 - Brendon Fletcher

1991 - Jennifer Zutt

1992 - Jennifer Zutt

1993 - Celeste Jamieson

1994 - Jennifer Zutt

1995 - Jennifer Zutt

1996 - Sandra Krstin

1997 - Teresa Benincasa

1998 - Bonnie Ehrhardt

1999 - Jordie Smits

2000 - Jordie Smits

2001 - Jordie Smits

2002 - Misty Canaski

2003 - Marc Richard

2004 - Misty Canaski

2005 - Benjamin Gillespie

2006 - Holly Bonin

2007 - Katrina Bruch

2008 - Loris lsabettini

2009 - Thomas Ciolfi

2010 - Rachel Bruch

2011 - Rachel Bruch

2012 - Galvin Daiglish


Junior Choir


1988 - Winger School

1989 - DeWitt Carter

1990 - CMT School

1991 - Humberstone School

1992 - McKay School

1993 - McKay School

1994 - McKay School

1995- Cardinal Newman School

1996 - McKay School

1997 - Humberstone School

1998 - McKay School

1999 - McKay School

2000 - McKay School

2001 - A.K. Wigg School

2002 - A.K. Wigg School

2003 - Carleton School

2004 - Loretta School

2005 - Carleton School

2006 - Carleton School

2007 - St. Ann’s School

2008 - Glynn A. Green School

2009 - St. Antoinette School

2010 - McKay School

2011 - A.K. Wigg Public School

2012 - A.K. Wigg Public School


Choral Speaking


2001 - Melissa Bilodeau

2002 - Katelyn Airhardt

2003 - Sarah Potts

2003 - Katelyn Airhardt

2004 - Vanessa Vella

2005 - Vanessa Vella

2006 - Noah Fuaco

2007 - Vanessa Vella

2008 - Vanessa Vella

2009 - Nikki Sohi

2010 - Nikki Sohi

2011 - Michaela Bodis and Meaghan Riedke

2012 - Individual Verse Speaking (10-11 yrs.) – Autumn Chevrette


Top Senior Dancer Jazz/Tap


2009 - Maurina Lenieu Dunnville Dance Center

2010 - Maurina Lenieu Dunnville Dance Center

2011 - Maurina Lenieu Dunnville Dance Center

2012 - Senior tap or jazz solo dance competition – Blake Feuz from Miss Bev’s Dance Studio, Niagara Falls, New York


ROBERT WOOD SINGERS: was founded in 1968 as an ancillary group to our Society in the off season. For two years this well known choir was financially and personnel supported by this Society exclusively.





1997  Amy Saracino

1999  Nicholas Watson

2002  W. M. J. Mowat

2004  Joey Crawford, Leslie Gaverluk, Jordan Snider

2005  Clayton Vella & Matt Dempsey

2008  Krista Gaverluk

2009  Tori Pittman

2013  Cameron Biller


Our Community Partners


Please support our valued Community Partners for their generous support of Community Theatre.

Niagara Catholic District School Board; City of Port Colborne, Lighthouse Festival Theatre, BCM


Friendly Hands:


The Society has been offering an opportunity for local business and individuals to support the annual musical by supporting a performance. If you would like to get on the Society's support wagon by becoming a COMMUNITY PARTNER, JUST GET IN TOUCH! The Society is a registered charity 832443675R0001. You will receive a charitable receipt for tax purposes; two tickets to "your" night; a public acknowledgment in our program and in our Lobby Showcase, and an audio announcement before opening curtain.


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